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Panels in place

July 28th, 2009 admin No comments
These will all need to be repainted

These will all need to be repainted

So yeah, I’m going to have to re-paint these panels. Either my clear coat is too old, my new can of anodized blue isn’t playing well with the other coats, or it was too humid or something. Also, I screwed up some of the parts that I had masked-off when I removed the tape – I ran an exacto blade along the edge of the tape before I peeled it off, but it actually looked better when I didn’t do that. There’s also a “dent” in the paint on the radar eye, where I watched a piece of fluff/lint/hair land on the primer, and I tried to gently remove it. Finally, I forgot to paint the blue ring around the collar, so I’d have had to break out the rattle cans again anyway.

But damn – it looks nice all put together, doesn’t it?

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Did some cutting and painting this weekend

July 27th, 2009 admin No comments

I spent the better part of two days getting back to work on R2, prepping and painting the dome panels mostly, but also figuring out and cutting the holoprojector surrounds. I was unhappy with the way I had cut the first set of fence-post caps to use for surrounds, and since they cost about $2.00-a-piece I bought some more. This time, I spent a while planning out the shape I would cut, then carefully cutting out exactly the shape I wanted (i only cut one so far, so I’ll document the process with the next one and add photos).

After filling in some dremel mistakes with Bondo, I painted all the dome panels and the radar eye. This involved double-checking reference photos to make sure I was painting the correct panels, and masking-off certain panels that needed only a frame of blue or the opposite. I used what I thought was the same formula I used when I painted the pie-panels years ago, but it didn’t turn out as well as it did last time. The pie-panels have much more depth to the finish. Maybe I need to add a few more layers of clear coat. Either way it’s a subtle difference, and not too terrible, so I’m not freaking out.

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