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Silicone casting part 2

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So we skipped the large scale tests, and moved directly to the real thing, mostly because we’re running out of time (we’re shooting to have this done by Saturday – this molding takes place on Monday). So far, we have applied two layers of the silicone mixture (3:3:1 – silicone:mineral spirits:corn starch), the first layer tinted so it can be cleaned of the white clay more easily. This was all cured after 4 hours (probably less, but we played it safe), and we peeled it off to check how we did. Not bad! We found a couple air pockets that were probably due to not mixing enough goop for the first layer, and thus having to do it in two batches, but I think those will be easily corrected on the casting with a little sanding. Then we put the mold back on the master and applied a few layers of plaster bandages to make a mother mold. More pictures to come.

Mask sculpted by my amazing wife on a plaster cast of her own face.

First batch of tinted silicone goes down - a little short of full coverage!

Two full layers of silicone down

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