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Second Pull – Droid Mask

December 16th, 2010 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

First real pull. Some distortion due to camera, some due to poor casting.

After picking up some white casting resin, I cleaned up the mold from our first disastrous pull (with the wrong type of resin) and tried again.


Lessons learned:

  1. Use thinner silicone for the first coat of the mold, to avoid bubbles/pits. We have some nasty ones, as you can see around the mouth and chin in the image.
  2. Use different tints for different layers of silicone to avoid thin spots.
  3. Make the master bigger to account for shrinkage. It seems like the plaster probably shrunk a little, the silicone shrunk a little, and so on. It’s not obscenely small, but it is noticeable.
  4. Make the sides of the master higher/deeper to allow trimming of final product to where we need it. Also, create some walls around the sides so we can slush the resin right up to the edges without worrying about pouring it out.
  5. Sculpt the master in super sculpey and harden it before taking a mold.
  6. These are probably all things we could have read in any casting book/tutorial, but doing it yourself is way more fun.

From here, I think our next move is to sculpt a new master, as painful as that might be. Overall, I’m very happy with how this is going, mostly because I don’t have a deadline forcing me to cut corners or live with things I’m not completely satisfied with.

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