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First pull from new mold

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First layer of oogoo down.

I was somewhat worried about taking a mold of my cracked sculpey mask. I patched the cracks with fresh sculpey so hopefully the silicone wouldn’t flow into them (maybe I should’ve used an epoxy, but I was anxious to get the silicone down during a brief warm-spell last week). As it turns out, they didn’t pose TOO much of a problem, but I’ll address that later. I was able to get a couple layers of my modified oogoo silicone down while it was warm enough to work in the garage (this stuff stinks).

Once that cured, I added a mother-mold of plaster bandages, and finally peeled everything off to see how I did. The silicone did flow into a couple of the bigger cracks, but it wasn’t too bad. My worst mistake was cutting out the eyes from the clay. This created a problem when trying to release the mold from the master, as the deep sockets grabbed on tight and didn’t want to let go. Patience and persistence won out, though, and after cleaning any clay bits from the mold I was ready to slush some resin in there.

Second oogoo layer down

I’m using a white, 1:1 ratio casting resin from Alumilite. Since my test casting from the old mold came out with a ton of bubbles, I wanted to be much gentler this time around with my slushing. The resin came with little 2oz Tbs cups for measuring, so I used 3 4ozTbs batches which seemed to build up a decent thickness. I’d mix up a batch, pour it into the mold, and slowly roll it around, trying to cover the entire surface evenly. My biggest fear was that the nose would collect all the extra resin from each layer, and be filled up entirely at the end. With each layer I was very conscious of not letting it collect there, and I think it worked out. I let it cure for about 30 minutes before de-molding. As you may or may not be able to tell from the image, there were NO bubbles this time! The worst problem is a “crack” in the chin area that was present in the master, and was deep enough that it didn’t get covered with resin in the mold. Hopefully it will be trimmed off when I decide on the final trim line. I’ll try to correct this in the mold before I take the next cast.

Mother mold

This weekend I also stopped at Michael’s and picked up a couple different “crackle” mediums. Lynette had tried a spray version on her first mask, which did not give the desired effect. The ones I picked up were acrylic. One was to be used between two paint layers, where the top layer would crackle, revealing the base color. The other is a glaze or varnish, where you then apply a wash to bring out the crackle detail. The glaze gave the best results, looking more like aged porcelain, whereas the one that goes between layers looked more like paint chipping off antique wood furniture. I’m optimistic about the glaze, even though the cracks are smaller than I would’ve liked.

First pull from the new mold

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