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Prototype trimmed, painted

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I’m calling this first mask a prototype, as I’m trying out paint colors, techniques, trim lines, etc. After trimming with a dremel, I had to slightly widen the mask by softening in hot water, reshaping, then dipping in cold water to set.

Then I added trim along the edge by splitting an old cable, stripping out the wires inside, and using Gorilla Glue to adhere it.

As far as paint, I’m going to darken the blue next time, and maybe add some metallic gold to the yellow. The crackle glaze worked, but again, the cracks are smaller than I’d like. I THINK it’ll work better if I can get a thicker coat down, because the crackles were perfect where the glaze dried on my palette.

Please excuse the distortion in the photos – these were taken with my phone.

bright colors, they'll darken with the glaze and washes

a view of the inside, showing the trim

a view of the inside, showing the trim and proving it can be worn

after several washes of black and brown - trying to bring out the cracks and weather it

I like this view for showing the dimensionality of the cheeks

The cracks are much smaller than I wanted - I don't think you can even see them in pictures.

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