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Project Johann

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Johann Krauss

I started my new project this weekend: Johann Krauss (double “s” in the film, single in the comic) from Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Target for his debut is Dragon*Con 2011, so for once I’m starting a costume with enough time to do it right. Also for the first time, I’ve set myself milestones. I’m not sure how realistic they are, but if nothing else it’ll help to be able to look back and plan for the next project.

Pieces I have to start:

I started collecting supplies for this a few months ago, and I’ve already become dissatisfied with the oval acrylic dome, so part of the plan is to vacu-form a new, more accurate one, while keeping the other as backup.

That’s probably going to be the most challenging part for me, since I’ve never done it before, but I’ve been building up my sculpting and casting skills, so I’m not really intimidated. I’ve also got some fairly ambitious electronics planned. That will be the last step if I have everything else done in time.

This weekend, I started on the “soft” parts by ripping the seams of the gloves and jacket (where needed) and removing the pockets from the coveralls. It would be more accurate to start with a pattern and sew the coveralls from scratch, but I’m sticking to what I’m comfortable with for now.

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